From the chairman

Historic events over the last few months have once again reminded us of the need to live in harmony – with each other and with the planet we all share. The deadly COVID-19 pandemic has unimaginably altered the lives of people and countries across every continent. Here at home, widespread civil unrest in the US has also shown that racial inequality remains a constant threat to the peace and prosperity of our nation. We can and must do better.   

We also need to do better on behalf of the environment. The need for more focus on “sustainability” has never been more urgent. The climate emergency we face is no longer an abstract issue for scientists to resolve. It’s happening now, and it’s a crisis for every continent, every nation and every individual. Climate action simply can’t wait. 

At Eaton, sustainability is at the core of our mission – to improve the quality of life and the environment. It’s also aligned with the Business Roundtable’s commitment to address climate change through a collection of actions that will lead to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on a global basis. We believe that meaningful efforts to support the environment are fundamental to creating value and we are now prepared to significantly expand our sustainability commitments.  

In this report, we’re pleased to share details of our recently announced plan to reduce carbon emissions from our operations by at least 50 per cent by 2030, positioning us to achieve carbon neutrality. By pursuing ambitious objectives, Eaton is doing our part to limit climate change, mitigate its catastrophic effects and ultimately save lives. In addition to setting science-based targets on climate change, we have established new standards for stronger governance, for increased transparency and for higher levels of support that we will provide to our communities.


Our commitment to meeting these objectives builds on the progress we’ve made in the past year advancing our sustainability programme. In the following pages, we outline our comprehensive strategy and update our results, which are anchored in five pillars: multiplying our impact through employee engagement and development; creating environmentally friendly solutions for our customers; reducing our own carbon footprint; demonstrating strong governance and social responsibility; and transparently communicating our sustainability plans and progress.

The events of this year are powerful reminders that companies share a great responsibility to help mitigate threats to the safety and stability of our planet and its people. As the world strives to respond to the health and social crises shaping our society, we’ll continue to intensify our efforts to help sustain a healthy planet. At Eaton, the work we do to improve people’s lives and the environment has never been more relevant, or more critical to our stakeholders and our global community. We look forward to making what matters work, safely and sustainably, for many decades to come.

Craig Arnold
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer