Voice communication and alarm systems

Did you know voice alarm systems can reduce evacuation time by more than 50%?

Research from the British Standards Association (BSI), shows that those hearing a tone signal take more than six minutes to evacuate a building with which they are not familiar, while those hearing a recorded message will be out in around four minutes. Live announcements are even faster at less than two minutes.

In an emergency, do you know how to evacuate every type of building user?

Learn how buildings must adapt to the varying types of visitor and disability, and how Personal Emergency Escape Plans (PEEPs) play an integral role in ensuring everyone can escape a building safely.

Cost effective. Robust. Scalable.

Eaton's VoCALL 16 is a high specification loop driven intelligent digital emergency voice communication system offering sophisticated functionality along with simple end-user operation.

The simplicity of operation, ease of cabling and competitive pricing make the system suitable for a wide range of applications.