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Corporate officers

Craig Arnold, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Richard H. Fearon, Vice-Chairman and Chief Financial and Planning Officer

Heath Monesmith, President and Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Sector

Uday Yadav, President and Chief Operating Officer, Electrical Sector


Brian S. Brickhouse, President, Americas region, Electrical Sector

Tim Darkes,  President, Europe, Middle East and Africa Region, Corporate and Electrical Sector

João V. Faria, President, Vehicle Group

Scott Hearn, President, Crouse-Hinds and B-Line business, Electrical Sector

Nanda Kumar, President, Aerospace Group

Howard Liu, President, Asia Pacific Region, Electrical Sector

Paulo Ruiz Sternadt, President, Hydraulics Group

Nancy Berardinelli-Krantz, Senior Vice-President, Global Ethics and Compliance

William W. Blausey Jr, Senior Vice-President and Chief Information Officer

April Miller Boise, Executive Vice-President and General Counsel

Rogerio Branco, Executive Vice-President, Supply Chain Management

Mary Kim Elkins, Senior Vice-President, Taxes

Yan Jin, Senior Vice-President, Investor Relations

Harold Jones, Executive Vice-President, Eaton Business System and Sustainability

Ernest W. Marshall Jr, Executive Vice-President, Chief Human Resources Officer

John J. Matejka, Senior Vice-President, Internal Audit

Kirsten Park, Senior Vice-President, Treasury

Ramanath I. Ramakrishnan, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer

Harpreet Saluja, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Development and Planning

Ken D. Semelsberger, Senior Vice-President and Controller

Taras G. Szmagala Jr, Senior Vice-President, Public and Community Affairs and Corporate Communications

Aravind Yarlagadda, Executive Vice-President and Chief Digital Officer