Residential manual transfer switches
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Residential manual transfer switches

A manual transfer switch is a device that is mounted next to the load centre in a home or small business. The manual transfer switch is used in conjunction with a portable back-up power generator and serves the purpose of turning selected circuits on and off during a power outage. The transfer switch panel allows you to start up a generator to restore power to critical circuits when utility power is not available.

Mother nature strikes when you’re least expecting it

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Core features

  • An easy-to-use mechanical slide interlock ensures that only one source is powering the emergency circuits and prevents duplication of energy sourcing.
  • No requirement for extension cords means less mess and fuss during installation and use. 
  • High level of safety and comfort.


Typical manual transfer switch installation with a portable generator


Eaton's line-up of residential manual transfer switches


Manual transfer switches

  • Panel and components sold separately. 
  • Hardwired generator connection. 
  • Ideal for new construction/larger loads.
  • Sturdy copper bus construction. 
  • Uses CH and CHT circuit breaker types (sold separately). 
  • Mechanically interlocked main disconnects to prevent paralleling of normal and emergency power source.
  • Indoor and outdoor designs available.

Generator panels

  • Mechanically interlocked main disconnects prevent paralleling of normal and emergency power source.
  • Panel and components sold separately. 
  • Integral plug-in generator connection (power inlet box). 
  • All circuit breakers are included – switching duty rated.
  • Includes dual watt meters for load balancing. 
  • Indoor and outdoor designs available.