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An uninterruptible power supply for marine operators

The Eaton 93PS Marine UPS is designed to provide ready protection for marine operators working in demanding environments. It’s an uninterruptible power system designed to ensure that the things that matter to you the most are supported with a steady supply of power even when your main systems aren’t up to the job.

The 93PS Marine UPS is easy to deploy, effortless to maintain, and one of the most economical backup UPS systems to operate – everything a marine operator needs to ensure that their networks and telecommunications equipment is up and running right when you need it most.

Eaton 93PS Marine UPS

Protect what most matters to you and your business: your crew, cargo/payload and company reputation. Eaton 93PS Marine UPS is designed to do all this, an insurance keeping your business running in demanding marine environment. Eaton designed the 93PS Marine UPS to be the easiest to deploy, effortless to maintain and the most economical UPS to operate.

Power rating
8 kW - 40 kW
96 %

Easy to deploy in marine environments.

The 93PS Marine is simple to design-in and install thanks to the integrated backfeed protection and bypass fuses, as well as the option to use pre-installed and factory-tested internal transformers, which can reduce the footprint and cabling work by 50 per cent. It’s therefore designed to save space on board and has the best-in-class footprint and power density of any UPS in its power range.

An effortless to maintain backup power supply.

The Eaton 93PS Marine UPS contains a variety of features that make it easier for ship builders and crew to deploy, manage and maintain. These include configurable remote management and monitoring, 24/7 coverage through Eaton’s service teams anywhere in the world, and training and tools to enable autonomous servicing, such as Hot Swap power modules and front servicing, meaning maintenance work can be completed within minutes.

An energy efficient UPS for marine settings.

The 93PS Marine range features Eaton’s market-leading technologies, which ensure the industry’s highest efficiency ratings of 96 per cent and the lowest total cost of ownership. Choosing the latest UPS over a legacy unit can provide up to 40 per cent savings in operations, reducing a ship’s carbon footprint by the equivalent of 400 barrels of marine diesel per UPS.
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