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Eaton CSFi

The Surge Power Filter is designed for IEC, Class II, 1 per phase. Din rail mount, dual mode filter with high noise attenuation for critical sub circuits. Remote alarm output.

The Eaton CSFi is a power surge filter that offers a better degree of protection for your servers, racks and data centre. Designed to an IEC Class II standard at a one per phase rate, the CSFi is a reliable answer to the safety requirements of complex computing and automation needs.

Dual mode filtering and high noise attenuation for critical sub circuits make the CSFi a perfect choice for smaller data center installations. An output for a remote alarm ensures the most important message is never lost. Four pole wide industry standard DIN rail mounts round out this highly versatile power filter surge protector.

To learn more about this product, and what Eaton can do to provide you with the power quality and filtering solutions you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Core Features of the Eaton CSFi Power Surge Filter

  • Surge suppression and filtering in a single package

  • DIN rail mountable (4 pole wide)

  • Protection Fail Alarm Relay

  • 3 mode and 3 Stage Protection

  • 12 Month Warranty

Protect your IT Solutions with the Eaton CSFi Power Surge Filter

To learn more about the Eaton CSFi, and what Eaton can do to equip your servers and IT solutions with the protection they need, simply reach out today. Our team will be more than happy to help you develop and implement the power quality management system you’re looking for. Contact us