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Outdoor Enclosures for IT & Electronic Equipment

Eaton ExoCab Outdoor Enclosures are versatile and cost effective outdoor IP55 cabinets that can be used to protect your vital IT equipment in challenging outdoor environments. Easily adapted to your specific needs, these are cases that help remote networks and networks with minimal external support ensure that they’re up and running around the clock.

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Eaton ExoCab Outdoor Enclosures

The Eaton ExoCab outdoor enclosures are a range of versatile, cost effective outdoor IP55 cabinets for a wide range of telecommunications, electronics and UPS applications.

Core features of ExoCab comms cabinets

The ExoCab Outdoor Enclosure range is the clear choice for those seeking a complete answer to the protection of their telecommunications equipment, batteries, or UPS. Weather-proof and designed to provide a safe and secure haven for your network-essential support systems – you can’t go wrong with an Eaton ExoCab Outdoor Enclosure.

Core features

  • UPS, DC power, battery and other equipment options
  • Constructed from marine-grade aluminium and stainless steel for long life in harsh environments
  • Lock to customer requirements, including triangle key, lock barrels compatible with other Eaton cabinets, etc.
  • Cooling options include unvented, fresh air cooled, heat exchanger and air conditioned
  • 34U of equipment space
  • Sealed, fresh air, heat exchanger and air conditioned options
  • Anti-graffiti finish
The team at Eaton can see that your ExoCab Outdoor Enclosure is equipped with any one of a range of cooling solutions to match your specific needs. Your ExoCab can be fitted with triangle key barrel locks that ensure your batteries, UPS, and telecommunications equipment are kept safe. We can also supply the server racks you need for less weather-intensive indoor server storage from our RE Series Server Racks.

Discover more about the value of outdoor comms cabinets

Watch this video to learn a bit more about why well designed outdoor enclosures are so important from Kraig Winters – the owner of ServerWorks Ltd, and leading figure within the IT & Telecommunications Emergency Response Unit.

Remote networks and those without a great deal of external support rely heavily on the equipment they use to support their operations. In remote locations, and particularly those exposed to extremes in weather conditions, an outdoor communications cabinet like the ExoCab Outdoor Enclosure is truly indispensable.

Developing ways to protect the power supply or passage of information that your network needs is essential in staying ready for anything. To find out more about how the team at Eaton can assist you in developing these capabilities, get in touch today.