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Eaton Sola 200

3kVA - 22kVA Power Conditioners

The extension of Sola's Ferro resonant power conditioners continues through to 22kVA. These units are mostly suited to hardwired, fixed installation applications for providing smooth step-free control of the output voltage, attenuation of harmful impulses or surges and other power line disturbances.

Sola 200 Power Conditioners are ideally suited to provide protection in computer rooms, regulation for scientific instrumentation, plus protection and regulated power to sophisticated computer based factory process equipment. To simplify installation, all units are free standing and fitted with castors (excluding 22kVA) and jacking feet. Connections are provided at the rear via a base plate cable entry to an isolation switch.

The Sola 200 has been discontinued

Eaton's Power Sure 800 power conditioner is an excellent alternative. The Eaton Power-Sure 800 is the ideal single-phase transformer to clean up fluctuating and erratic power in light industrial, commercial and medical applications. The Power-Sure 800 has one of the highest K-factors – K-30 – and superior isolation to bring you reliable power protection for your equipment and facility.

Core features

Built to Protect

  • Remote computer peripherals
  • Copiers and laser printers
  • Process control equipment
  • CNC machinery
  • Programmable logic controls (PLC's)
  • Photographic equipment
  • Entire installations