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Eaton Power-Sure 700

Eaton’s Power-Sure 700 is a tap changing transformer that can solve 99 percent of electrical disturbance problems to better protect your equipment. This computer-grade, three-phase transformer features standard and advanced metering with 97 perfect efficiency. Combining the reliable frequency regulation you expect from an Eaton tap changing transformer with high frequency filtering and an optional manual bypass switch,  the Power-Sure 700 is the ideal transformer for any industrial application. 

Eaton Power-Sure 700

Increase profitability by reducing equipment downtime

Frequent brownouts and voltage regulation problems cause costly downtime. The Power-Sure 700 is uniquely designed with a high in-rush current and rapid response to protect equipment and facilities against those problems.

A transformer designed for tight spaces and small footprints

Front-only access on Power-Sure 700 units up to 150 kVA in size means that limited space won’t stand in the way of optimal protection.
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