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Detroit Truetrac differential

The Detroit Truetrac is a helical-gear style, limited-slip differential that maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving characteristics. Maintenance-free, it features smooth, automatic operation in forward and reverse. Its versatility makes Detroit Truetrac the ideal traction solution for almost any type of vehicle.

Our newest applications:

Limited-slip differential
Optimized torque bias ratios for maximum acceleration and handling
Smooth, automatic engagement
Works in forward and reverse
Maintenance free
No special lubrication or friction modifiers needed

Core features

  • Automatic engagement
  • Unmatched strength and durability
  • Maintenance free
  • Works in forward and reverse
  • Front and rear axle applications
  • Optimized torque bias ratios deliver maximum vehicle acceleration and handling

EV Applications

Truetrac offers high power density in a limited packaging space thanks to its high-strength helical gear design, making it a smart choice for EV applications. It is fully automatic and maintenance-free, and can transfer up to 3.5 times more torque to the high traction wheel. It retains its torque bias retention for a lifetime and does not need electronic connections or software to integrate into a vehicle.

Smooth, automatic operation

The Detroit Truetrac differential operates as a standard or open differential under normal driving conditions, allowing one wheel to spin faster or slower as necessary. When a wheel encounters a loss of traction or the terrain changes, the gear separation forces take effect and transfer torque to the high-traction wheel. The helical-shaped gears mesh with increasing force until wheel spin is slowed or completely stopped. When the vehicle exits the low traction situation, the differential resumes normal operation.

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