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Eaton’s BushingGard Predictive Diagnostic solution uses predictive diagnostics to help users prevent malfunctions or breakdowns in large power transformer bushing equipment. The self-operating systems and remote monitoring services provide real-time detection and allow users to work towards solving problems instead of finding them. The bushing sensor requires minimum resources, accounts for minimal outage time, allows for onsite communication, and results in faster and easier installation.

Online testing
Maximizing uptime
Self-contained unit
Ease of installation
Online monitoring
Enhances risk management

Reliable online monitoring

An unexpected transformer bushing or insulation failure can disrupt an industrial process, shut down a commercial site, cripple a power plant or cause area-wide power outages. Depending on the extent of the damage caused, the disruption could last for weeks. Eaton’s predictive diagnostics has a worldwide reputation for reliable online monitoring technology.

Core features

  • Suitable for use with any condensing type bushing found in transformers, circuit breakers, shunt reactors, etc. With the InsulGard, it can be used to detect partial discharge in systems above 38KV. 
  • All monitoring, necessary sensors, recording equipment and diagnostic software are non-invasive, which eliminates downtime and power interruptions. 
  • Self-operating system saves on labor costs because staff can now spend time solving problems rather than uncovering them. 
  • Remote monitoring services and on-site equipment evaluation provides expertise when you need it. 
  • Display panel shows an output signal proportional to the relative change in the bushings’ currents due to insulation deterioration, which means users receive accurate information for both the power factor and capacitance of the monitored bushing set. 
  • Multi-function LED is a different color for normal (green), warning (yellow), and alarm (red), providing instant recognition of the severity of any problem. 
  • Parameters can be programmed at the panel or remotely through an optional computer link-up, units are self-diagnosing, and users can pinpoint any malfunction locally as well as remotely. 
  • Self-contained unit requires minimum resources and outage time. Comes standard with NEMA 4 enclosure, diagnostic software, a three- or six-bushing sensor set, and with an RS-485 Modbus RTU port that allows on-site communication. The complete package means faster and easier installation. 
  • Uses the same sensor set to perform online periodic monitoring of partial discharge (arcing or sparking). That information helps analyze root causes of internal gassing or other discharge activity related to the winding insulation, internal connections, bushings, or magnetic core iron. 
  • Highly sensitive instrumentation can detect PD signals as low as 20-30 pC even in extremely noisy environments like those in substations or power plants, which means accurate reports that allow for better decision making. 
  • Available with a commercial-grade modem for remote communication. 
  • Customized bushing sensors available with appropriate lead-time.

Maximize your uptime and reliability

When insulation breakdown accounts for 84 percent of transformer failures and up to 92 percent of electrical failures being random , ensuring uptime and reliability may seem like an impossible task, but with the BushingGard solution now makes that possible.