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Bussmann series low voltage cylindrical fuses

Eaton's Bussmann series cylindrical fuses gG and aM are suitable for industrial applications. gG cylindrical fuses are for general protection against overloads and short circuit. aM cylindrical fuses protect against short circuits in motors, transformers and any applications which typically see high inrush currents. A full range of modular fuse holders is available in 3 sizes 10 x 38 mm, 14 x 51 mm and 22 x 58 mm.

Fuse body sizes
10 x 38, 14 x 51, 22 x 58 mm
Rated voltage
400, 500, 690 V a.c.
Rated current
0.25 to 125 Amps

Available with striker

Eaton Bussmann series low voltage IEC cylindrical fuses are available with striker, to remotely monitor the fuse and quickly replace it if needs be, saving on maintenance cost. The striker can also operate a microswitch for remote fuse blown indication.

Compatible fuse holders

Eaton Bussmann series low voltage modular fuse holders are compatible with our range of IEC cylindrical fuses.

Eaton Bussmann series low voltage IEC cylindrical fuses overview