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Distribution relays

Eaton’s Distribution Relays offer complete metering, protection, and control for all voltages in a single compact case to reduce panel space, wiring and overall costs. All relays meet or exceed instantaneous and time overcurrent requirements. Integral test functions reduce required maintenance and troubleshooting time, and intuitive programming reduces required operator training time and provides unmatched flexibility, resulting in reduced overall expense. All relays perform multiple protection functions, self-diagnostics, and reporting for transformers and distribution lines.

Improved coordination
Zone selective interlocking
Improved safety
Arc flash reduction

Eaton E-Series Relays

    Core features

    • Complete metering, protection, and control in a single compact case to reduce panel space, wiring and costs. 
    • Intuitive programming substantially reduces operator training time and provides unmatched operability and flexibility. 
    • Integral test function reduces maintenance time and expense. 
    • Zone selective interlocking improves coordination and tripping time, and saves money compared to a traditional bus differential scheme. 
    • Multiple operator selectable protective functions reduce arc flash energy and zone selective interlocking for bus protection, eliminating the need of additional CTs or relays. 
    • Reduce trouble shooting time and maintenance costs-Trip and event recording in non-volatile memory provides detailed information for analysis and system restoration. 6000 cycles of waveform capture aids in post fault analysis (viewable using Powerport-E software). 
    • Minimum replacement time-Removable terminal blocks ideal in industrial environments. 
    • Breaker open/close from relay faceplate or remotely via communications. 
    • Fast and easy troubleshooting, improved maintenance procedures and increased device security. Provides detailed traceability for system configuration changes. 
    • Relays self-diagnostics and reporting improves uptime and troubleshooting. 
    • Breaker trip circuit monitoring improves the reliability of the breaker operation.

    Reliable protection

    Eaton’s E-Series microprocessor-based protective relays offer reliable, secure and complete protection and control of power generation and distribution systems. The distribution relay specifically provides you complete protection for medium voltage feeder distribution lines.
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