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ELQ Earth Leakage Breakers

The ELQ breaker (safety switch) combines overload, short circuit and residual current protection (earth leakage) in one compact unit in a single pole configuration. This style of circuit breaker, which has become mandatory in new installations, safeguards people from the danger of electric shock by instantly interrupting the electrical circuit to the load when a fault current to earth exceeds the rated sensitivity which is usually expressed in milli-Amp (mA).

Core features

  • Overload, short circuit & residual current protection in one compact unit
  • Complies with AS/NZS 3190:2016 and AS/NZS 3111:2009+A1-2

  • Sensitivity available in 10, 30 & 100mA models
  • Approval No. N27675
  • Trip indication window
  • Test button with preventative accidental push design


  • Electrical office equipment
  • Industrial plants
  • Electrical hand tools
  • GPOs
  • Socket outlets
  • Mining sites