Medium-voltage VCP-W vacuum circuit breakers
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Medium-voltage VCP-W vacuum circuit breakers

The Eaton MV VCP-W Circuit Breaker is renowned for its ease of handling and maintenance. This OEM-friendly product is ideal for short-circuit protection and has numerous design variations to ensure all possible applications are supported. Eaton's patented V-FLEX System features fewer moving parts, which reduces friction and wear associated with rolling/sliding designs, and increases product lifespan. The VCP-W circuit breaker is the standard in reliability, control, and protection for electrical equipment and circuits.  

Medium-voltage VCP-W vacuum circuit breakers
Industry leader
Vacuum breaker technology
Proven mechanism

Core features

  • Premium control wires and terminals provide reliable control and protection for electrical equipment and circuits, and are capable of being operated manually under full load conditions.
  • Represents a common line that utilizes common parts. Standardarization provides for fewer total parts which, in turn, reduces and simplifies spare parts inventory.
  • Front accessible mechanism allows for easy access to the mechanism and user friendly control components.
  • Provides higher insulation levels in less space, thus reducing the overall switchgear size.
  • Eaton's patented V-FLEX System features fewer moving parts which allows for vacuum stem movement without friction and without the wear normally associated with rolling/sliding designs.
  • Unlike sliding or rolling designs, there are no moving parts to wear out, requiring no maintenance and resulting in longer circuit breaker life.
  • Spiral contact design provides a self-induced magnetic effect that moves the arc root around the contact periphery. This efficient arc control prevents hot spots and minimizes contact erosion.
  • Double dead front shields isolate the operator from high voltage when the breaker is energized, providing optimum operator safety.
  • Mechanically and electrically trip-free stored energy mechanism design ensures that while holding a mechanical trip command, breaker contacts will not close or touch even if an electrical or mechanical close command is received. Closing springs will discharge automatically when the breaker is withdrawn from or inserted into it's compartment, for added user safety.

Convenient to operate. Easy to maintain.

Eaton's VCP-W medium voltage circuit breakers and are significantly smaller than conventional medium voltage drawout breakers and provide operator safety, user-friendly operation, and ease of maintenance.