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Quicklag Accessories

Quicklag’s extensive range of accessories extends its features & benefits to many applications. Moulded covers & polycentres allow for retrofit installations where space is limited. A wide range of locking devices can easily provide extra security & safety in situations where it is required.

Product Range

Description Item Number
1-Pole Moulded Cover S1Q
3-Pole Moulded Cover S3Q
Quicklag Polycentre 6-Pole QPC
Sealing Screws for Quicklag Covers (Kit of 10) QSEALKIT
Quicklag Pole Filler QPF
Sliding Clip Tray 3-Pole SC3Q
Sliding Clip Tray 6-Pole SC6Q
Sliding Clip Tray 12-Pole SC12Q
Sliding Clip Tray 24-Pole SC24Q
Standard Clip Tray 36-Pole C36Q
50A Terminal 25mm² T50Q
100A Terminal 50mm² T100Q
Tunnel Kit 35mm² QLUGKIT
Handle Lock 1-Pole + Padlock PLKQ1
Handle Lock 2 or 4-Pole + Padlock PLKQ24
Handle Lock 3-Pole + Padlock PLKQ3
Single Lock Off/On Device 1517-1281/1
Lock Off/On device (opposing breaker) 1517-1290/1
Lock Off device (opposing breaker) 1517-1277/1
Quicklag DIN Adaptor (Pack of 6) QLDINADAPT
Alarm Switch Right Hand Mount (Factory Fitted Only) 1517-0525/1
Lockdog Quicklag (Pack of 10) LKDQ
Lock Off Bracket Kit (Pack of 10) 1517-1299/1
Tee-off Insulation Cap 1521-1287/1
Busbar Comb 24-Pole 1521-0070/15