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Quicklag Chassis

Designed & tested to the requirements of AS1136.1, AS3439.1 & 3, Quicklag chassis assemblies are available in a number of configurations, They are used by Eaton in Quicklag panelboards & by Original Equipment Manufacturer’s in their own panelboard & switchboard assemblies throughout the electrical industry.

Core features

  • Chassis without Main Switch
    The Quicklag chassis consists of a galvanised steel base plate, 3 phase insulated busbars and insulated busbar supports. The base plate has two rows of clip in brackets for the mounting of Quicklag breakers while the busbar is mounted to the base plate by the insulated supports.
    The standard Quicklag chassis assembly has been tested in accordance with AS1136.1, AS3439.1 and 3 and is rated for 250A continuous current and has a withstand capacity of 20kA for 0.1 seconds. Non-standard variations are available and can be selected from units with 250A, 16kA for 0.5 second or 300, 16kA for 1.0 second and 400A, 20kA for 1.0 second. To order the non-standard variation chassis please contact your local Eaton representative.
  • Chassis with Main Switch
    The Quicklag chassis can be easily fitted with a Main Switch for isolating the supply to the chassis.
  • QT Series
    The 100A Main Switch, a Quicklag Non-Auto Q3100N, can be mounted either in the top centre feeding into the chassis or can be positioned on the chassis pan where it will occupy 3 pole spaces of the chassis
  • MT Series
    A 250A or 400A Main Switch can be fitted readily to the standard Quicklag Chassis and provides many excellent characteristics such as visible indication of the positive load break and fault make contact operation. The operating handle is pad-lockable in the OFF position for added safety and security