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FPV inductor

Eaton’s FPV family of power inductors come in two configurations. The FPV1006 is a single conductor, 10.3 mm x 8.7 mm footprint surface-mounted package with a height of 6.4 mm, a current range from 25 to 81 A and an inductance range from 85 to 150 nH. The FPV1507 is a dual conductor, 15.1 mm x 8.6 mm footprint, surface-mounted package with a height of 6.6 mm, a current range of 20 to 31 A and an inductance range of 500 to 650 nH. These series can be used in multi-phase applications and are compatible with Picor® Cool-Power® ZVS buck and buck-boost regulator families.

Dual conductor
Current range from 20A to 81A
Compatible with Picor® Cool-Power® ZVS buck-boost regulator family

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