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Hybrid supercapacitors

Eaton HS hybrid supercapacitors are small-footprint, high-power energy storage devices ideal for a host of energy and industrial applications. Eaton’s HS supercapacitors comprise new proprietary materials. Each supercapacitor has two electrodes, one similar to that of a battery and one a standard supercapacitor electrode. Consequently, their energy densities are closer to those of conventional batteries and up to ten times higher than standard supercapacitors. 

Each hybrid cylindrical cell offers between 30 F and 220 F of capacitance with a maximum working voltage of 3.8 V, an operating temperature range from -25°C to +70°C, and ultra-low ESR. HS supercapacitors can be used as sole energy storage or alongside batteries to optimise system cost, lifetime, and runtime. While HSL supercapacitors are optimised for lower temperatures, going down to -25°C, HS supercapacitors have an extended range of up to +85°C and are optimised for higher temperatures.

HS/HSL hybrid supercapacitor product aid

Quick reference guide to HS/HSL hybrid supercapacitor features, benefits, specifications and dimensions.

Eaton’s HS hybrid supercapacitors combine proprietary materials to achieve greater energy density and cycle lifetimes

With the ever-increasing need for reliable power in industrial, energy and computing applications, the use of portable energy storage has become more commonplace than ever. Lithium batteries, a once-ubiquitous energy storage solution, are rapidly giving way to the more reliable, efficient and long-lasting supercapacitors (aka “ultracapacitors”).