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XT Supercapacitor

Eaton's XT family of supercapacitors operate at higher voltages to reduce the number of cells and size needed in high-voltage designs or use the same number of cells but achieving more with better energy storage. Applications include utility sensors, pulse power for medical equipment and industrial back-up power.

The XT family ranges from 275 F to 555 F with operating temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C. They can work as standalone energy storage or in combination with batteries to extend runtime or lifetime. The family is RoHS compliant and uses UL registered components.

Technical data sheets

XT supercapacitor data sheet

Highest operating voltage
Superior lifetime
High energy density

Eaton supercapacitors provide reliable start-up for engine design

Designing a reliable engine start system is a necessity for automotive electrical and mechanical engineers. But even the best lead-acid battery can result in a stalled engine due to a cold climate or premature degradation. Conventional batteries can cause issues for commuters...

Eaton supercapacitors provide superior active suspension for automotive engineers

Suspension control is a fundamental concern in car driveability. Anti-roll bar or stabiliser bar systems help stabilise a vehicle by adjusting the suspension while navigating sharp turns or irregular road conditions.

Eaton supercapacitors enable powerful automotive boardnet stabilisation

Designing a car engine’s high-power distribution technology is increasingly being adopted by automakers leading to instability in power. Boardnet stabilisation provides a critical balance in power utilisation between…