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XTM-18 Supercapacitor module

The Eaton XTM-18 supercapacitor module is a high-reliability energy storage solution providing highdensity power for warehouse automation machines such as pallet movers and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), material handling equipment (MHE), wind turbines, battery-started generators, vehicle engines, and for peak power shaving to ensure power quality.

With millions of charge/discharge cycles and up to 20 years of operating life, XTM-18 modules can replace or augment existing battery systems. The compact design allows for easy integration in space-constrained applications with no external monitoring system required. Each module comprises six supercapacitor cells with an ESR of 22 milliohms, operating voltage of 18V, and combined capacitance of 61.7 F

Highest voltage rating in its footprint
Simple wiring installation
Compact and flexible design

Eaton supercapacitors deliver reliable power for warehouse automation

Eaton supercapacitors are well-suited for warehouse automation, particularly in indoor applications like pallet movers or other devices with electric propulsion systems.

Product aid: Compact and maintenance free supercapacitor modules offering long lifetimes

Eaton’s XTM-18 and XVM-16 supercapacitor modules provide energy storage for high power, high charge/discharge applications such as material handling systems, warehouse automation machines, small engine starting and wind turbines...

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