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Series 12040 DC converter

Eaton’s 12040 Series DC Converter provides 24V power in a 12V system, which requires 24V power. The 12040 Series DC Converter provide an output current of 40 amps, has an enable turning on the converter and is IP67 sealed.

Core features

  • Easily implemented into a system providing 24V power from a 12V input allowing use of 12V and 24V components on a vehicle
  • Allows use of 24V electrical components in a 12V electrical system providing greater system flexibility
  • With a low standby current of 0.7mA power is not used by the DC Converter when it is not required.
  • Clean output power able to power sensitive loads including radios and controllers
  • Proven reliability with over 500,000 fielded units


  • 40A & 55A models available
  • Output voltage offset to increase the output voltage
  • DC converter with fixed output voltage
  • Powder coated housing
  • Battery Equalizer with output voltage of twice the input voltage

Standards & Certifications

  • SAE J1455, J1113, CISPR 25, E mark, RoHS
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How to buy

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