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LOFCLEAN filter cartridges are made of long acrylic fibers bonded with phenolic resin. This construction results in a rigid, selfsupporting structure, which eliminates the need for an inner core. This solid structure provides consistent filtration performance under varying pressure conditions.

Eaton’s LOFCLEAN filter cartridges are suitable for the filtration of industrial paints and lacquers, printing inks, inks, adhesives, resins, emulsions, petroleum, waxes, organic solvents, low acids and bases (pH 5 - 9) and process water.

Filter material
Acrylic fiber, bonded with phenolic resin
Max. operating temperature
250 °F (121 °C)

Core features

  • Resin bonded depth filter cartridges
  • Made of long acrylic fibers bonded with phenolic resin
  • No inner core, easy handling
  • Self-stabilized by the phenolic resin
  • One piece construction

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