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UNE and UNH Hazardous Area Flexible Fixture Hooks
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UNE and UNH Hazardous Area Flexible Fixture Hooks

Crouse-Hinds series UNE, UNH and UNHC flexible luminaire hangers provide a simple, inexpensive and quick disconnect method for hanging pendant mount light fixtures.  They permit free swing in any direction to prevent damage to the fixture stem, and the cushion style hangers provide additional protection from vibration to prolong lamp life.  Certified for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous areas.

Certifications and compliances

  • Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D

Design features

  • Female hooks and loops are used with rigid conduit luminaire stems to suspend luminaires; they may also be used with male hooks and loops, threaded into a conduit outlet hub
  • All hooks and loops are provided with openings for passage of luminaire wires; luminaire, conduit stem and hook or loop can be assembled and wired at the work bench; the assembly is then hung on the fixed hook and connection made
  • For ease of relamping and maintenance, the outlet fitting can be equipped with an attachment plug receptacle cover and a matching plug cap used with the luminaire assembly; for permanent wiring, a wire hole cover may be used

Standard materials

  • Malleable iron or copper-free aluminum