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Blade Fuses

Automotive blade fuses are the industry standard - used in most domestic and imported cars today. All Bussmann series blade fuses meet or exceed OEM and SAE standards. The easyID indicating blade fuses use LED technology making it easier to spot blown fuses in panels tucked in dark locations.

Core features

  • UL Listed 
  • UL Recognized 
  • SAE J1171 Ignition Protection rated 
  • SAE J1284 rated

Benefits of blade fuses

The wide variety of blade fuse options covers vehicles from the 1970´s when blade fuses were introduced to the most current year, make, and model year.

easyID blade fuses

The Bussmann series line of easyID illuminating blade fuses and holders use Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology to show that a fuse has opened, making them easy to spot in fuse panels tucked up under dark dashboards