Bussmann series Cable Limiters
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Bussmann series Cable Limiters

Bussmann provides the broadest offering of UL listed Cable Limiters, Welder Limiters, Circuit Limiters and accessories. With products rated for AC or DC applications to suit your specific application requirements.

Bussmann series Cable Limiters

Core features

  • Help to maintain electrical service by minimizing cable damage due to short circuit currents.
  • Isolates faulted cable(s) in multiple cables per phase installations.
  • Several cable termination types available.
  • Residential: 250Vac limiters can be used to protect individual service cables tapped from a single transformer.
  • Non-Residential: 600Vac cable limiters should be specified to protect parallel service cables in 120/208Vac, 277/480Vac etc. systems.

Benefits of Cable limiters

Cable limiters enhance service entrance conductor short-circuit protection with current limiting performance that exceeds the typical protection offered by utility overcurrent protective devices

Bussmann series Fuseology

An introduction to understanding fuses and how they are applied for providing overcurrent protection.