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Bussmann series CCP disconnect switches

The revolutionary Bussmann™ series CCP with CUBEFuse™ is a fused branch circuit disconnect that requires up to 67% less space with ratings up to 200A.  The CCP with CUBEFuse simplifies selective coordination and allows for isolation of individual branch circuit loads for safe work practices.

Bussmann series CCP disconnect switches

Core features

  • High SCCR and compact footprint allow for higher panel SCCR while reducing panel impact
  • Patented Amp rejecting feature prevents overfusing
  • Flexibility with top of the case size CCP's, allow for fusing from 1 to 200A with a single switch
  • When used with multi-wire lugs, allows for further space savings
  • When used with Bussmann Series Low-Peak™ fuses, allows for easy 2:1 selective coordination

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