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Bussmann series Class CF CUBEFuses

The revolutionary BussmannTM series Low-PeakTM CUBEFuseTM delivers the smallest footprint compared to any Class CC, J or RK fuse solution — requiring up to 70% less space when combined with its unique fuse holder or UL® 98 Listed Compact Circuit Protector switch. Freeing up space is powerful. And the CUBEFuse does just that, while packing up to a 300 kA interrupting rating and enabling higher equipment short-circuit current rating (SCCR). Available from 1 to 400 amps.

Core features

  • Finger-safe fuse and holder system with the smallest footprint of any class fuse to provide substantial space savings and installation flexibility
  • IEC 60529 and finger-safe rating provides enhanced workplace safety
  • Separate overload and short-circuit elements provide time delay for sizing of high inrush loads linked with Class J current limitation.
  • Selective coordination ratio of 2:1 (within Low-Peak fuse family) prevents electrical shut downs from extending beyond the failed circuit.

Benefits of Class CF fuses

Finger-safe, Class J electrical performance requires up to 70% less space

Low-Peak Upgrade Program


An introduction to understanding fuses and how they are applied for providing overcurrent protection.