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Bussmann series Class G - SC Fuses

Bussmann's SC type fuses are UL Class G and provide fast-acting (1/2-6 A) and time-delay (7-60 A) characteristics for circuit protection need. SC fuses are size rejecting in terms of their overall length thereby aiding in the prevention of overfusing

Core features

  • Bussmann's SC UL Class G fuses provide current limitation for component and branch circuit protection
  • 100kA interrupting rating
  • Sizes (1/2-6 A) are fast-acting while the (7-60 A) fuses over time-delay while providing size rejection
  • Measuring 13/32" in diameter by various lengths associated with their ampere rating ranging from 1-5/16" to 2-1/4" in length
  • The length rejecting feature helps prevent over fusing
  • UL listed, CSA Certified, CE and RoHS compliant

Benefits of Class G fuses

Provides cost effective branch circuit fusing for systems with high short-circuit current levels present.

Bussmann series Fuseology

An introduction to understanding fuses and how they are applied for providing overcurrent protection.