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Bussmann series Class RK5 Fuses

Bussmann's UL Class RK5 Fusetron product offering provides energy efficient advanced protection with its dual-element, time-delay construction and is available with optional open fuse indication on select ratings.  Available in both 250Vac and 600Vac, 200kA RMS Sym interrupting rating and sizes ranging from 0 to 600 amp.  Fusetron's deliver 10 seconds (minimum) of time-delay at 500% of rated current (8 seconds for 1/10-30A sizes).<br>

Core features

  • Separate overload and short-circuit elements provide time delay for sizing as close as 125% of motor FLA while delivering excellent short-circuit protection
  • 2:1 selective coordination amp ratio (within the Bussmann series RK5 fuse family) prevents overcurrent events from opening upstream Fusetron fuses
  • Insulated end caps for 225A-600A fuses reduces exposure to live parts and extends air gap to distance between blades of adjacent mounted fuses or to housing
  • Superior overload and cycling capabilities
  • Current limiting provides component short-circuit protection

Benefits of Class RK5 fuses

Dual-element, time-delay fuse – 10 seconds (minimum) at 500% rated amps. Available with indication on select ratings.

Bussmann series Fuseology

An introduction to understanding fuses and how they are applied for providing overcurrent protection.