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Bussmann series High speed fuses

High speed fuses provide superior protection or isolation for components such as diodes, silicon controlled rectifiers (SCRs), Gate torn-Off Thyristors (GTOs) and IGBTs and in light and heavy harsh DC traction applications as high as 4000Vdc and 10,000A. Also used for the protection of DC link/power converters. Optimized dimensions and materials allow for excellent thermal dissipation for high current cycling enviroments, or heavy duty applications.

Core features

  • Footprint that uses up to 48% less enclosure space allows for a reduction in the overall size of power conversion equipment
  • Innovative design allows for a significantly smaller package without compromising heat rise performance, preventing extensive equipment redesign
  • Global acceptance with UL, CSA and IEC for products sold worldwide
  • Traditional installation with a fuse block or bolt-on to busbar for improved design flexibility
  • Easily coordinated with existing and new variable speed drives and electric controllers
  • Standard Class J dimensions allowing the use of readily available fuse blocks, holders, and switches

Benefits of High speed fuses

Extremely compact and ultra-rapid protection of semiconductor equipment. Compact size and the ultimate protection in an affordable package.

Bussmann series Compact high speed fuses


An introduction to understanding fuses and how they are applied for providing overcurrent protection.