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Edison series Class CC Fuses

Edison offers a complete line of Class CC fuses to meet your circuit and equipment protection needs. These branch circuit rated compact fuses rated 600v, and delivering 200,000a IR Vac Sym provide excellent protection in the smallest package of any UL class of fuses. Choose from our EDCC time-delay fuses for your small horsepower motor circuits, our HCLR fast-acting for your non-inductive lighting and resistance heating loads or our HCTR time-delay fuses for your small control transformer protection.

Core features

  • Time delay compatible with inrush characteristic of small control transformers.
  • Current limitation at Class CC levels provides maximum component short-circuit current rating protection.
  • 200kA interrupting rating provides high ratings for control circuit locations.
  • Class CC rejection feature, with appropriate fuse block, prevents inserting lesser-rated supplementary fuses.
  • Inventory consolidation of 13⁄32 x 1 1⁄2 inch supplementary fuses reduces SKU investment and minimizes potential for misapplying fuse.
  • Selective coordination ratio of 2:1 (within Low-Peak fuse family) prevents electrical shutdowns from extending beyond the failed circuit.
  • Time delay coupled with Class CC current- limiting response provides close sizing on small motor and relay circuits, and maximum component short-circuit current rating protection.

Benefits of Edison Class CC fuses

Delivers maximum component short-circuit current protection

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