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Plug Fuses

Bussmann series plug fuses are used in residential applications to protect furnace blower motors, pumps, power tools, garage door openers, and more. Edison base plug fuses for motor protection are are used in conjunction with branch circuit protection and located in a box cover unit. Our plug fuses also protect air conditioners, furnace blower motors, swimming pool pumps, deep freezers or where motors frequently turn ON and OFF as well as residential motor circuits in kitchens, workshops, garages and utility rooms.

Core features

  • Provide a compact and economical method to prevent electric motor damage
  • Reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs by opening when an overload is present
  • Industrial strength product and provides superior protection
  • Resists nuisance openings under repeated motor startups
  • Available in a variety of sizes to deliver the desired fuse rejection

Benefits of Plug fuses

UL and CSA rated Edison base plug fuses