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DS7 soft starter

Soft starters have now become a viable alternative to star-delta starters. The Eaton Moeller series DS7 soft starter replaces contactor combinations and enables a smooth, power-saving motor start. Our patented technology ensures exceptionally smooth motor run-ups at a higher torque than alternative solutions are able to deliver. Extended maintenance intervals and reduced operating costs are convenient side effects of this technology. Available up to 200 A, the compact DS7 soft starter is the ideal option for all pump, fan and small conveyor belt applications. 

Suitable for harsh environments:
minimum ambient temperature of -40 °C
SmartWire DT - communication and wiring made easy
Optional fan:
increased number of cycles

Core features

  •  Smooth, asymmetrical motor control without any DC components
  •  Virtually noiseless, high-torque operation
  • Contactless switching of pumps in harsh environments
  •  In fan drive applications, soft starting reduces wear on the V-belts
  •  Simple installation even at high currents
  • The SmartWire-DT connection eliminates wiring errors

Versatile use for maximum functionality.

The DS7 soft starter, a fully integrated component of the xStart system, is ideal for pump, fan and small conveyor belt applications. The DS7 replaces star-delta combinations and enables smooth starting of motors, for example in transport and material handling systems. In addition, smooth starting reduces the mechanical load on the entire system. With its extended service intervals and reduced operating costs, the DS7 soft starter stands out across the board.

Soft starter DS7 with SmartWire-DT: Everything at a glance.

SmartWire-DT is an innovative intelligent connection system for your control cabinet. No control wiring or addressing via DIP switches are necessary to set up a simple connection. SmartWire-DT is routed directly from peripheral devices to the machine and turns standard switchgear into intelligent and communication-enabled automation devices. Users thus have direct control over all parameters and benefit from absolute data transparency. In many switchgear applications, a soft starter with SmartWire-DT can reduce wiring by up to 85 %, which highlights the importance of using a cost-effective and simple wiring solution.

Implementing soft starts with the DS7

During the start-up phase, the soft starter controls the power supply to the three-phase motor. The resulting soft start makes it possible to meet customer demands for jolt-free torque increases and targeted current reduction during the start-up phase. This is made possible by an ignition control system developed and patented by Eaton. This avoids DC components that would normally lead to uneven start-up, which in turn allows for smooth motor acceleration. This improves the overall operational performance, so that jolting in transport equipment, tooth flank impacts in gear mechanisms or pressure surges in piping systems are now a thing of the past.