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DILE mini contactor relay

Due to their compact, space-saving size, Eaton's Moeller series DILE mini contactors can be used wherever small motors or loads need to be switched and controlled. Thanks to their extensive approvals, they can be used worldwide and are also ideally suited for use in harsh environments with high temperatures.

Suitable for global use:
UL & CSA approvals
Frame size:
Compact size
Temperature range:
-25°C - +50°C

Core features

  • AC drive - for control voltages from 24 V to 600 V, at 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • DC drive - for control voltages from 12 V to 250 V
  • UL and CSA approvals
  • For controlling motors up to 5.5 kW
  • DC-operated devices with integrated suppressor circuits
  • Auxiliary NC with mirror contacts for use in safety-related applications
  • Low power consumption = can be controlled directly from a PLC

DILE mini contactor relay

Three basic versions of the mini contactor relay are available: 4 NO contacts; 3 NO contacts and 1 NC contact; and 2 NO contacts and 2 NC contacts. Additionally, the devices can be expanded to up to eight contacts. All contacts are interlocked and opposing.

Energy efficiency is a hot topic today

With Eaton, your systems are automatically compliant with the ErP directive in a simple, fast and economical way, while significantly reducing your energy costs.

The Eaton Moeller series - a 100-year legacy

With over 100 years of experience in starting, controlling and protecting motors, the Eaton Moeller series offers you a proven product portfolio that will help you use energy more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.