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DILMS safety contactors

The DILMS safety contactors of the Eaton Moeller series offer reliable switching in safety-related applications, to make your machines and systems even safer. All versions of the DILMS safety contactors (from 7 A to 150 A) are equipped with a top-mounted auxiliary contact that is non-detachable. This prevents tampering and the manual actuation of the contactor. Their eye-catching yellow colour makes the safety components immediately visible in any situation.

Suitable for global use:
High visibility:
they can be quickly and easily recognized
Mirror contacts:
reliable status feedback

Core features

  • The DILAS safety contactor relay is available in three different coil voltages
    • 110 V 50 Hz, 120 V 60 Hz
    • 230 V 50 Hz, 240 V 60 Hz
    • 24 V DC (RDC24)
  • The integrated mirror contacts allow for reliable monitoring of the contactor status
  • Switch-position indicator with inspection window to prevent tampering
  • Suitable for emergency-stop with controlled start (category 4)
  • Interlocked opposing auxiliary contact elements, in line with IEC 60947-5-1
  • Mirror contacts
  • Highlighted in yellow (RAL1004)
  • Top-mounted and non-detachable auxiliary contact (at the front)

Safe switching and protection.

The eye-catching yellow color allows for quick and easy identification of the safety circuits. In addition, the built-in inspection window (situated directly above the switch position indicator) clearly indicates the current status of the machine or system. This prevents the manual actuation of the contactor.

Reliability in safety-related applications

- Monitor openly accessible hazardous areas through light curtains

- Safe operation with two-hand control

- Monitor movable guards via guard monitoring without interlock/guard locking

- Emergency-stop circuits

Functional safety

Throughout their entire life cycle machines pose risks to people, other machinery and the environment. For this reason, it is vital to identify any hazards during the design phase of the machine and to reduce them by taking appropriate measures.

Energy efficiency is a hot topic today

With Eaton, your systems are automatically compliant with the ErP directive in a simple, fast and economical way, while significantly reducing your energy costs.

The Eaton Moeller series - a 100-year legacy

With over 100 years of experience in starting, controlling and protecting motors, the Eaton Moeller series offers you a proven product portfolio that will help you use energy more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably.