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10316 hazardous location limit switch

Type LX, CX and CBX limit switches are designed for extreme environmental service in NEMA 7–9 locations where the danger of an internal or external explosion of flammable gases, vapours, metal alloy or grain dust exists. Type CB provides excellent corrosion-resistant properties in NEMA 4X applications. Markets served include mining, grain storage, forest products, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and waste and sewage management.

10316 hazardous location limit switch core features

  • Sealed and unsealed versions available
  • One-way gasket on sealed version keeps liquids out yet allows a harmless release of gases in the event of an internal explosion
  • Silicon bronze housing provides excellent corrosion-resistant properties in extreme NEMA 4X applications
  • Temperature build-up on limit switch surface is dissipated by housing design and materials used
  • Uses the operating heads and internal switch mechanisms of the 10316 L non plug-in line

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