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E47 limit switch

Affordable. Functional. Safe.

E47 precision limit switches – Eaton's E47 precision switches provide high-accuracy switching at an affordable price. A variety of standard features, such as current capacity, operating force, travel characteristics and actuators, let you custom-fit the switch to your application. The switches are available in their compact basic form, or enclosed in a rugged, metal housing.   

E47 compact prewired limit switches – Eaton's E47 compact prewired limit switch is designed to be a versatile, slim device for hard-to-fit applications where sealing integrity is required. The rugged, die-cast aluminium alloy housing, cable connection and switch mechanism are encapsulated for protection against extreme temperature (-10° to 70°C), contaminants, moisture, shock and vibration.

Core features of the E47 limit switch

E47 precision limit switches

  • Compact housings are ideal for applications where space is restricted.
  • Precision snap-action operators provide accurate repeatability of electrical and mechanical operating characteristics
  • High current capacity (up to 20A) allows for power-load switching and motor-handling capability
  • Enclosed booted versions shield actuators from debris

E47 compact prewired limit switches

  • Rugged aluminium alloy die-cast housing 
  • Sealed construction with enclosure ratings of NEMA 4, 6 and 13   
  • Prewired with a 3-metre, 18 AWG, AWM 2517, 300 V cable   
  • Stackable ridge for ganged operation  

Test the best!

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