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E50 NEMA heavy-duty plug-in limit switch

Affordable. Functional. Safe.

Eaton's E50 modular plug-in limit switches are the industry standard, with versatility of design and high reliability for low maintenance, installation and inventory costs. Standard Viton gaskets, seals and boots and a zinc die -cast enclosure provide exceptional chemical resistance to the common coolants, cleansing agents and hydraulic fluids found in machine tool, automotive, water treatment and other heavy-duty industrial applications. Mounting dimensions accommodate both US and DIN standards for easy retrofit installations. Super-bright 24–120 Vac/Vdc LED indicator lights simplify set-up and troubleshooting operations.

Core features of the E50 NEMA heavy-duty plug-in limit switch

  • Modular, plug-in components (head, body and receptacle) provide application flexibility, reduced inventory and less downtime
  • Manufactured to take the physical and environmental abuse (including cutting fluids and chemicals) of harsh industrial environments
  • Chemical-resistant Viton gaskets, seals and boots are standard, so are captive, posi-drive screws
  • The switches have terminal identification on the nameplate for a visual wiring check without guesswork. Heads and switch bodies can be replaced without rewiring
  • E50 devices can be ordered as separate components or as fully assembled switches
  • 600 V rating, ridge-topped contacts and wiping action ensure continuity even to logic level circuits
  • Keyed, four-direction head positioning
  • Standard 5° pre-travel and 90° total travel
  • 24–120 Vac/Vdc LED and 120 Vac neon indicator lights available
  • Rotary heads are field-convertible; CW, CCW or both, without special tools
  • Epoxy-filled, pin connector or pigtail pin connector receptacles available

Test the best!

Not sure if Eaton sensor and limit switch solutions are right for you? You can request samples of Eaton sensors FREE OF CHARGE to test them with your machine applications. We make our Eaton experts available to assist with product selection and provide technical guidance so that you can choose the right sensor for your needs.