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E53 tubular capacitive proximity sensors

Tough-built sensor

Eaton's E53 tubular capacitive sensors are an ideal solution for liquid level control and sensing powdered or granulated materials. These self-contained devices detect both metallic and non-metallic targets. Cable and body-mount micro-connector versions allow simple installation or retrofitting.   

Core features of E53 tubular capacitive proximity sensors

  • Detect liquids, powders and other materials that are difficult or impossible with other sensor types
  • Plastic body is corrosion-resistant
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Output indicator LED

Test the best!

Not sure if Eaton sensor and limit switch solutions are right for you? You can request samples of Eaton sensors FREE OF CHARGE to test them with your machine applications. We make our Eaton experts available to assist with product selection and provide technical guidance so that you can choose the right sensor for your needs.