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E56 pancake inductive proximity sensors

Tough-built sensor.

These pancake-style sensors are an excellent solution for applications that require an extremely rugged solution combined with the longest inductive sensing ranges available. Eaton's E56 pancake-style sensors feature auto-configurable, complementary outputs for ease of wiring. In addition, power and output LEDs make troubleshooting much easier than conventional sensors.

Core features of E56 pancake inductive proximity sensors

  • Auto-configure output technology on 4-wire DC models automatically detects how the sensor has been wired (NPN or PNP) and automatically sets up the sensor for proper operation without user intervention
  • Small-diameter, 2-wire AC/DC models feature a selector switch inside the housing, enabling output contacts to be used as either NO or NC
  • Range adjustment potentiometers on medium and large diameter units allow for rapid set-up in any machine application
  • The robust design features impact-absorbing potting compound that helps sensors withstand high shock and vibration environments

Test the best!

Not sure if Eaton sensor and limit switch solutions are right for you? You can request samples of Eaton sensors FREE OF CHARGE to test them with your machine applications. We make our Eaton experts available to assist with product selection and provide technical guidance so that you can choose the right sensor for your needs.