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E71 NanoView miniature photoelectric sensors

Tough-built sensor

Eaton's NanoView series is available in a variety of optical sensing modes, including polarised, diffuse, fixed focus, thru-beam with narrow-beam option and clear object detection. They are housed in ABS enclosures rated IP66 or better and they feature two top-mounted indicators to clearly communicate power and output status. All models are 10–30 Vdc and carry approvals for global application.

Core features of E71 NanoView miniature photoelectric sensors

  • Each model includes both light and dark operation modes
  • At less than 38mm (1.5 inches) long and 13mm (half an inch) deep, NanoView can fit into the smallest space
  • Fixed focus diffuse models are perfect for sensing very small targets at a 102mm (4-inch) focal point
  • A visible red LED beam makes set-up easy
  • Clear object detection models are ideal for sensing plastic bottles, moulds, boxes, films and glass objects
  • Highly visible indicator LEDs provide power and output status.
  • The rugged ABS housings ensure survival in difficult application environments

Test the best!

Not sure if Eaton sensor and limit switch solutions are right for you? You can request samples of Eaton sensors FREE OF CHARGE to test them with your machine applications. We make our Eaton experts available to assist with product selection and provide technical guidance so that you can choose the right sensor for your needs.