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OEM prism 18mm tubular photoelectric sensors

Tough-built sensor

Eaton's OEM prism series, 18mm tubular, high-performance sensors are packaged for high-volume use. They feature dual or single discrete outputs for simple wiring in place of the isolated output found in standard models. Forward and right-angle viewing models feature identical gain and optical characteristics for a better fit; gain control allows for quick adjustment for peak optimal performance.

Core features of OEM prism 18mm tubular photoelectric sensors

  • Eaton's OEM prism series sensors are delivered in bulk for the convenience of high-volume users
  • All models are 10–30 Vdc for easy global application.
  • Visible red sensing beams allow for easy set-up
  • Unique threaded body allows for quick mounting in a 19mm (3/4-inch) hole or against any flat surface
  • Internal components are rigidly sealed in a solid, encapsulated package for excellent performance in high-shock and high-vibration applications
  • High noise immunity greatly reduces problems associated with electrical noise
  • NPN and PNP outputs are provided in each sensor for easy wiring

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