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Timing relays

Universal TR series, TMRP, TMR and E5-248 timing relays combine flexibility with ease of use and installation, while compact designs save panel space. With multiple mount options, models, a wide range of input voltage, timing range and functionality, there are versatile timing relays to meet any timing requirements.

Core features for timing relays

  • Low cost, high flexibility units reduce inventory requirements
  • TR series universal input voltages eliminate the need to order and stock separate coil voltages
  • Universal TR series staggered terminal locations allow access to lower-level terminals after wiring
  • Universal TR series compact, DIN rail mountable case reduces panel size
  • TMRP series thumb-wheel setting design allows for quick selection and review of multiple timing functions and timing ranges
  • Plastic dust cover on the TMRP series keeps out contaminants and eliminates accidental set-point changes
  • Ten selectable functions, selectable time ranges up to 9,990 hours, and universal input voltage allow the TMRP series to be the most flexible timer offered
  • The TMR6 series true Off-delay timer allows it to remain energised even under control power loss
  • Replaceable lithium battery in the E5-248-C1420 eliminates the need for an external voltage supply
  • E5-248-C1420 offers a through-panel mount design and LCD display to allow easy access for set-point and function changes