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Vacuum contactors

Vacuum starters are offered in three classifications. They are NEMA rated devices up to 600 Vac, special purpose rated devices up to 1500 Vac and mining rated devices rated up to 1500 Vac. Each device is tested to different standards to serve its specific market. Typical applications include full voltage control of three-phase squirrel cage motors, primary control of low-voltage wound rotor motors and circuit switching for low-voltage capacitors for power factor improvement.

Vacuum contactors core features

  • Air-free chamber allows arc extinction and current interruption to be completed within a fraction of a cycle, minimising contact erosion
  • Durable metal bellows within the bottle allow the moving contact to be closed and pulled open from the outside without leaking air into the bottle
  • Front removable coil and auxiliaries allow for easy maintenance
  • Standard low chop interrupters eliminate the need for extra surge suppressors
  • Contact wear indicators aide in planning your preventative maintenance schedule
  • Silver tungsten carbide contacts provide maximum performance