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Visual Designer

With application development expense often outweighing the hardware expense, the demand to quickly design and implement advanced GUI solutions is greater than ever. Visual Designer is Eaton’s cutting-edge software development package. It runs on two hardware platforms and makes advanced features such as data archiving, process management, multi-language, database access and web serving easy through an elegant and modern UI.

Visual Designer core features

Visual Designer is Eaton’s SCADA and visualisation software development package XV operator interface families.
  • Pop-ups and group screens
  • Full mathematical and logical evaluation
  • Web browsing and document viewing
  • Remote access and control without adding software to the remote PC
  • Database interfacing
  • Historical alarms and events
  • Historical data archiving and trending
  • Process management
  • Multi-language
  • VB scripting
  • Report generation
  • Scheduling
  • Resolution conversion
  • Emailing and text messaging
  • Launch and control of third-party applications
  • Conversion of legacy PanelMate configurations
  • Optional PanelBuilder conversion utility
  • Online configuration/editing
  • Advanced search and replace
  • Automatic scaling of web clients
  • Customisable application symbols
  • Reusable controls, images and screens via indirect tag and/or PLC assignments

Visual Designer interactive training series 

The Visual Designer interactive training series provides an interactive walkthrough of key features within Eaton's Visual Designer operator interface application development software.