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10-167 kVA
Primary voltage
2400-19,920 V
Secondary voltage
120-600 V

Core features

Internalised protection for installation cost savings

Transformers can be deployed with a variety of protection options, including a MagneX interrupter or a secondary breaker with weak link for secondary fault and overload protection; a primary weak link fuse; a current-limiting fuse for high interrupting ratings and limiting fault currents; low-voltage distribution class MOV arrester; and internal or external lightning arresters. Eliminates the need to install external overcurrent devices and simplifies power restoration.

The safer, environmentally friendly choice

For fire-sensitive locations, Envirotemp FR3 fluid is recommended in transformers. The fire-resistant, natural ester-based fluid also offers the benefits of a soy oil-based dielectric coolant that is sustainable and has unique environmental and material properties. Transformers may also be filled with standard electrical grade mineral insulating oil.

Optional MagneX Interrupter

Eaton's Cooper Power series MagneX interrupter is an overcurrent protective device that protects distribution transformers from damaging overloads and secondary faults, and is also used for switching the transformer “on” or “off”. As a transformer protective device, the MagneX interrupter combines safety and efficiency with economic operation. It is designed for use in transformer (mineral) oil or Envirotemp FR3 fluid-filled transformers.