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Primary voltage
MaxiShrub: 2400-34,500 V; Shrubline: 2400-19,920 V; Ranch Runner: 2400-14,400 V
Secondary voltage
120-600 V
MaxiShrub and Shrubline: 10-167 kVA; Ranch Runner: 10-50 kVA

Core features

Perfect for industrial and residential applications

MaxiShrub (10-167 kVA), with an ANSI Type-1 frontplate is ideal for single-phase industrial and residential applications where a wide range of kVAs or heavy cabling is required. The transformer allows vertical feed to the primary and secondary bushings.

Low-profile Shrubline combines safety and aesthetics

Ideal for high-profile areas, Shrubline (10-167 kVA) with an ANSI Type-2 frontplate offers a low-profile design that blends with surrounding shrubs, hedges and home air conditioners, making it a popular choice for residential applications.

Powerful capabilities in less space

The compact design of the Ranch Runner pad-mounted transformer (10-50 kVA) provides standard capabilities in very little space. Ideal for irrigation, oil field or residential applications, Ranch Runner is Rural Utilities Services (RUS) approved and meets all ANSI and CSA/CEA requirements, except frontplate arrangements.

The safer, environmentally friendly choice

Single-phase conventional transformers can be filled with our optional Envirotemp FR3 fluid, which provides increased fire safety and superior environmental characteristics where less flammable fluid is desired. Because the fluid is readily biodegradable and non-toxic, Envirotemp provides sustainable performance at a low cost.