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Eaton Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor

SL series medium voltage vacuum contactors are Eaton's alternating current contactors developed for power distribution equipment up to 12 kV at 400 amp. They come in both fixed and handcart designs and are compatible with all of Eaton's switchgear assemblies. These contactors are ideal for full or reduced voltage of squirrel-cage induction motors, wound-rotor motors and synchronous motors and for power supply and capacitor switching. They are especially suitable for heavy-load applications and harsh environments such as in mining, paper-making, HVAC, petrochemical and automotive. 

Core features

  • Uses industry-leading vacuum technology that is safe and durable, guaranteeing over 300,000 electrical operations and more than 1 million mechanical operations
  • Supports flexible installations (either horizontally or vertically) of standard panel or pedestal
  • Allows for setting parameters, such as coil voltage, AC/DC and coil drop-out time on-site
  • Provides standardized auxiliary contacts and mechanical latch accessories
  • Supports flexible configuration to meet varying demands and full factory pre-assembly, including accessories
  • Complies with GB14808 and IEC60470 standards and is manufactured in ISO certified factories for reliable quality

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