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Eaton W-VACi Vacuum Circuit Breaker

W-VACi Series Vacuum Circuit Breakers are indoor vacuum circuit breakers that use solid insulation. This series of circuit breakers is made for the global market with rigorous IEC standards to provide reliable control and protection of power transmission and distribution systems.

Core features

  • Uses Eaton's' vacuum interrupter design to ensure excellent high-current switching
  • Ensures stable operation even under harsh conditions via solid insulation 
  • Uses highly compatible design to be compatible with the most popular cabinets domestically and internationally
  • Provides broad range of design solutions and accessories to meet any requirement
  • Uses Eaton’s seventh generation spring energy storage mechanism to extend service life greatly
  • Uses modular design for multi-purpose and compact structure
  • Complies with national GB1984 and industry DL/T403 standards